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[SOLD OUT] EARL MOUNTAIN "Hvaða Galdur Lá þarna" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] EARL MOUNTAIN "Hvaða Galdur Lá þarna" Cassette Tape

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"Such an interesting release. Up until the last track I was already in awe at the atmosphere and authenticity it conveys. It manages to capture the natural lo-fi feel of 90s DS projects but at the same time stays original and captivating,The last track, comes as such a outstanding surprise in the form of a "radio drama" that could easily remind one of BBC's LOTR or Hobbit plays. An interesting choice by the artist that strangely fits in the whole concept of the album" - Gabriel Tamas, bandcamp review

This album tells the tale of a boy from the long-forgotten village of Høstbolig. His name was Askeladden, and his village was known to be the last frontier of man. "Never venture beyond the cold River of Fyxx, boy. For what lay beyond be the kingdom of Trolls lurkers of the old wood." The villagers would say to the notoriously curious lad. Nevertheless, upon one cold drizzle-laden morn, Askeladden set out across the murky river that flowed far past the borders of his realm.

As darkness crept in, hour after hour, the lad became incredibly lost. He found himself drifting out of time and thought, and the dark trelldom that lay within the old wood was able to take its hold on the poor lad. These spells are all that remain.

Haftvad Records. Limited to 50 professionally duplicated cassettes. Clear green tint shells with 4 panel j-card. All copies include an exclusive 11x17 poster (ships folded).

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