FALLS OF RAUROS "Hail Wind and Hewn Oak" CD
Bindrune Records

FALLS OF RAUROS "Hail Wind and Hewn Oak" CD

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"In the way of hunter and prey, this album includes epic build ups, intense arrays of pacing and power, and points of calm and splendor. A must have for any black metal followers who prefer the wilderness and natural chaos. An artist as titanic as Agalloch and as rustic as Wayfarer." - The Mad Barron

Debut album mastered in 2015 by Andrew D'Cagna at Sacred Sound Studios. First ever master for this record, giving it a marked improvement in sound quality.

Released on CD via Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis in 2016.

Bindrune/Nordvis labels. Digipack CD with booklet, sealed copies. Remastered in 2015.

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