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[SOLD OUT] FERNMAGE "Brackenlore" cassette tape (lim.50)

[SOLD OUT] FERNMAGE "Brackenlore" cassette tape (lim.50)

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Import from UK. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies. 

You’ve always found the forest to be a great place of refuge, we both know this to be true. So it didn’t come as a surprise to you when on that day walking past the same familiar river, you noticed that you weren’t alone. As you followed those shapes amongst the trees, you noticed something changing in the air, a gently shimmering magic and sparkle. In that moment, amongst the moss & woodland flowers, you were taken back to a scene from your childhood. A pastoral vignette; naive & magical.

You walked further into the verdant landscape and all memories of your life outside of the woods began to fade. The trees changed, the leaves danced and a golden light illuminated your path. Noticing a clearning ahead, you approached with caution and noticed an abundance of bluebells carpeting the forest floor, hundreds of beautiful tiny lilac jewels. The heady green-floral scent of their perfume surprised you and feeling disoriented, you noticed a small yellow-glowing door at the base of a grand oak tree. You must have found him now. This must be the house of the Fernmage.


Cosmic Ocean presents a new seasonal edition of Fernmage's 'Brackenlore', originally pressed by the artist in 2022, USA.

This pressing features the brand new bonus track 'Sleep Tight!', previously unavailable.

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