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[SOLD OUT] GARADRAK "Cyclopean Sorrows" Cassette Tape (Lim. 100)

[SOLD OUT] GARADRAK "Cyclopean Sorrows" Cassette Tape (Lim. 100)

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Each copy includes a 10×10″ full-color glossy mini poster of the cover art. Limited to 100 copies.

Garadrak returns to Ancient Meadow Records for their most recent album “Cyclopean Sorrows”, depicting a matured, more rounded Garadrak. “Cyclopean Sorrows” was composed entirely using analog instruments, specifically a Korg Monologue synthesizer. By returning to “primitive” composition methods, Garadrak presents a congealed and elegant work which stands firmly apart from his previous catalog. Featuring artwork by the inimitable Silvana Massa. 

The weary traveler's decaying ship reaches barren shores of a mist covered land. He leaves the mountain hugged, rancid waters of the Northwestern sea behind and embarks on an unsure journey, recollecting the little he knows about this place.
Poisonous sea breeds poisonous air and distant volcanoes blow their smoky breath over the remains of a once prosperous kingdom. Trees grow rotten and few creatures call this place home. And they are inhuman beasts, twisted by what certain tales call the magic of giants; force no ordinary soul can truly master, for its melancholic nature leaves the mind and body strangely bent. Some even say the dead come back to life from time to time to roam the empty halls of decrepit palaces and crippled temples. Such is the fate and state of the kingdom called Kalegir, where cyclopean sorrows dwell.
Yet the traveler knows he must push forward and reach the fabled sanctum whose entrance is fronted by two pillars, each standing on a side of a narrow ravine; only then can he awaken the cloistered daughter and mourn. He is bound to face many dangers on his solitary journey but he is not the only stranger in this far away land in pursuit of a peculiar quest; an ally or two might be encountered whose company could ease the pain of feeling lost.

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