GNORNIAN "Begreosan" Cassette Tape
Fableglade Records

GNORNIAN "Begreosan" Cassette Tape

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Limited to 100. 1 copy per person only.

Gnornian is a mysterious project with a concept that piqued our interest immediately. With the word Gnornian meaning a feeling of grief or regret, you can bet that this project’s atmosphere is very melancholy and pensive. “Begreosan” tells the tragic story of a people living within a swampy land with human eating goats, and we are guided by dreamy and heavy melodies true to the dungeon synth and fantasy synth genres. A true audial documentation of the absolute resilience of people, the melancholy of getting by in a tumultuous situation, and the beauty of connection. “Begreosan” is a fantastic journey and a tale we are excited to offer as these days continue to warm in the glade.

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