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[SOLD OUT] GRANDMA'S CATACOMBS "Grandma's Catacombs" cassette tape

[SOLD OUT] GRANDMA'S CATACOMBS "Grandma's Catacombs" cassette tape

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Limited edition, pro-dubbed tape with 3-panel, dual-sided j-card. Pressed on black shells with double-sided imprint.

J-card featuring Grandma's favourite recipe and a portrait by her favourite grandson


Welcome to Grandma's House; Grandma's Catacombs.

With Grandma's Catacombs debut self-titled release comes an auditory experience that is eerie, humorous and, at times, macabre.

Gone are the cookies and milk and, in their place, bone biscuits, blood soup and a wriggling, writhing, upsetting host of creepy-crawlies.

There was always something strange about visiting Grandma...

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