[SOLD OUT] IFERNACH "Capitulation of All Life" CD (digipak)
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[SOLD OUT] IFERNACH "Capitulation of All Life" CD (digipak)

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From the wasteland of Gespegewagi with hate... Ifernach strikes back with its most ferocious full length offering yet. "Capitulation of All Life" is an opus that glorify death and disdain for humanity. The first track introducing the madness and folie of Cesar Franck, inspiring the angels to slay the christian beast and join the storm in the name of satan, sets the battleground to a raging strike until it slows down to the last chapter ; surrendering and leaving for another journey. A storm of fire and chaos has been summoned, which will be the last glimmer of light before the everlasting cold sleep of a death star with no history or memories to recall. And they will all capitulate... No one shall be saved.

Musically, a catalogue of Euronymous-inspired riffs married with a very low and pounding drum battery, conflicting with a growling distorted bass and savage barks.