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[SOLD OUT] INGVARR "A Dire Prediction" Cassette Tape (lim.150)

[SOLD OUT] INGVARR "A Dire Prediction" Cassette Tape (lim.150)

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Import from Denmark. Limited to 150 numbered pro tapes.

Forceful neoclassical dungeon synth from Italy. Ingvarr returns to Gondolin to deliver 'A Dire Prediction' of woe and hardship. Following up on the 'The Hopeless Resistance... ' (GON074) from 2021, the dramatic orchestral elements have been enhanced, and the strong atmospheres have been embellished further with melancholy melodies to create an epic tale of things to come. Behind Ingvarr stands a duo who also collaborates on the two black metal projects Morwinyon and Falaise.

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