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[SOLD OUT] ISOLANT "Drain" cassette tape (w/ 2 stickers)

[SOLD OUT] ISOLANT "Drain" cassette tape (w/ 2 stickers)

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Limited edition industrial/metal cassette tape for fans of GODFLESH and SPINE WRENCH. Comes with two logo stickers. 

The new EP from American/international obscure industrial metal project Isolant, and the band's first new release of original material in over seven years since their defining self-titled 2015 debut demo tape.

Formed by original member Max Furst (Malleus, The Watcher, ex-Morne) on guitars, bass and drum programming, and now rounded out by vocalist M. Alagna (Abstracter, Atrament, Ash Prison, Somnolent) and Spanish noisemaker M. Souto (Suspiral, Sepelio, S.E.K.H., Arkaik Excruciation, Excurse, ex-Bodybag), "Drain" sees the elusive experimental metal act fuse the cold and bleak industrial metal of acts like Spine Wrench, Godflesh, Scorn ("Vae Solis" era) and Skin Chamber with the atonal percussive grimness of early Swans, and the crawling heaviness and abysmal atmospherics of death-doom.

Subtle stenchcore and crust influences permeate the work throughout, reaffirming the band's conceptual connection and stylistic affinity to a glorious age of British heavy punk and experimental metal that dominated 90's underground music. The result are 6 lightless tracks of misery-infused, death-worshipping, and spine-breaking downtuned crush-depth clad in enveloping atmospherics and scarred with an immanent sense of hopelessness and doom.

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