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[SOLD OUT] MEADOW GROVE "The Ballad of Windkeep" cassette tape (lim.50)

[SOLD OUT] MEADOW GROVE "The Ballad of Windkeep" cassette tape (lim.50)

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Import from UK. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies. 

At first it was barely visible to you, that flickering on the hill but as you make your way slowly across the plains, it becomes clear that there is some kind of a fire by the water. The wet grasses give way to bogland, steam rising in yellows and silvers like an evil vapour. The villagers you met yesterday had been right, this really was a desolate & forsaken place. You take the map out of your knapsack, a carefully collected tome of local lore & rumours which you've gathered over the last two months. This must be your destination. Your horse has become weary, she can't continue across such ground so regrettably, you fasten her reigns to the black, skeletal remains of a pine tree to your right. Puzzled, she watches you climb the hill, shuffling softly and snorting at you before you turn your head away.

As you reach the peak you're surprised by a cruel wind, biting at your face. Cursing, you pull your hood tightly against your neck, you must visit the marketplace when you reach Brackendown, they are famous for their sheep's wool. Below, against some kind of a brook you see the silhouette of a figure (or is it two?), sat by a campfire. Steeling yourself in preparation for whatever you're about to encounter, you descend the sharp incline & feel for your blade. Although you wear only a simple leather armour set designed for rogues, assassins and burglars, you miss your footing and slip on a stone. Damn the blacksmiths!

As you look up to meet your fate, a small old man puts out his arm and beckons you over to the flames. Dropping your sword, you drowsily make your way towards him, waving away the cloud of mosquitos which've gathered around you.

The man speaks with a low voice obscured by sorrow: "Let me tell you a somber tale, of dreams that never came true, of hearts that were gallant and proud, of a tragedy that befell... The castle that was Windkeep."


Cosmic Ocean presents for the first time, the baroque classic from Meadow Grove: 'The Ballad Of Windkeep', backed with 'Whatever Lies Ahead'.

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