MÊLÉE DES AURORES "Errances" Cassette Tape [LAST COPY]
Les Productions Hérétiques

MÊLÉE DES AURORES "Errances" Cassette Tape [LAST COPY]

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Import from Quebec. Pro-Tape limited to 150 copies. Blue tinted shell, with artwork including the lyrics.

Originating from Québec city, this Cantique Lépreux side-project was releasing this first offering on limited CD-r more than 10 years ago, now brought back from the shadows of the Metal Noir Quebecois shadowrealm. Intense, atmospheric and profoundly anti-commercial, "Errances" brings us into a dissonant realm. Frenzied rhythms meet violin parts and mid-tempo beats, all entwined with tortured screams. This release includes the "Conjuration" bonus track, first released on our sold out "Sous le lys noir" compilation.

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