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[SOLD OUT] MORBID ROMANCE "Les Années de Peste" CD (Lim. 50)

[SOLD OUT] MORBID ROMANCE "Les Années de Peste" CD (Lim. 50)

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Import from Quebec. Pro duplicated CD-R. Jewel case w/ booklet. Limited to 50.

Morbid Romance is entirely conducted by Sir Laghleis. He who bears the name of his ancestors, those who invaded Ireland during the Middle Ages. It proudly commemorates the Normand blood which runs in its veins and its heritage which is lost through the dust of time.

The project is inspired by groups from France such as Celestia, Mütiilation as well as the Norwegian sonic tradition. This release contains the first two demos of the project (Summer In Black Death's Embrace 2020 & La Rose de Fer 2021). The whole thing was recorded in the Adirondack Mountains on a four-track recorder and old tape. The production is perfect for a sound with flavors of yesteryear.

These demos have so far only been available on tape, no music can be heard elsewhere. Sir Laghleis has given us permission to share an excerpt with you. The uploading of Morbid Romance songs will not be tolerated by the artist, please refrain from doing so when purchasing the disc. "The Black Mask" is and will be the only excerpt on the web allowed.

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