[SOLD OUT] NEVERLUR "Op under Fjeldet toner en Lur" Cassette Tape
Tour de Garde

[SOLD OUT] NEVERLUR "Op under Fjeldet toner en Lur" Cassette Tape

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 "With the approach of winter, it is simply the perfect album to have playing in your ears during a walk in the woods or on a carpet by the fire, enjoying a setting conducive to such an escape... This debut EP is an interesting one, and its contents prove to us definitively that dungeon synth is most alluring when it is efficient and minimalist. This Canadian artist has done just what it takes to make his music a journey; no need to make a show of things when you know how to create this sort of atmosphere. This release has revealed yet another promising new project to watch closely."
— Maxime Deruy of Heiðnir Webzine (translated from French)

"Doesn't mess around with anything that isn't essential in putting you right in the still and mystic cold of a place you didn't know existed. Of the multitude of projects being called old-school or traditional, few actually make the cut of that certain unspeakable feeling of 90s tapes and BM synth interludes, but Neverlur gets it without explicitly claiming influence from a bygone era. Stripped down, yet soft and careful. Speaks for itself. Beautiful EP. Rarely does Kittelsen art fly anymore, but this one gets a deserved pass since it just fits.
— Excerpt from the 2017 year-end list by "thekeeper", administrator of dungeonsynth.proboards.com


Tour de Garde. Import from Canada. Limited to 200.