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[SOLD OUT] OFFENBARUNG "Manifestus" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] OFFENBARUNG "Manifestus" Cassette Tape

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Fantastic atmospheric black metal from South America. "Manifestus" is a single invokation, compromised of 4th distinct movements. Each one portrays different instances of the astral voyage this album is intended to bring to the terrenal domain.

"Pure astral majesty for true dreamers" - GEF

"...great and majestic music, which rose pretty quickly to the top with my all-time favorite atmospheric bm albums : cosmic and transcendental black metal with a lot of variations, and forays into surprising but awesome and magical territories. A must-have for fans of anything majestic and /or atmospheric." - la_porte

Expansion Abyss label, unknown limitation.

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