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[SOLD OUT] OLD NICK "A New Generation..." Cassette Tape (w/ Obi)

[SOLD OUT] OLD NICK "A New Generation..." Cassette Tape (w/ Obi)

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2nd edition Cassette w/ Obi Strip

"An amalgamation of work of Old Nick from it's conception, captured from the overspray of 1000 years of destitution and obsessive vampirism. Old Nick is burdened with the weight of 10,000 beautiful coffins, crafted from aged mahogany and silk linen upholstery, A catharsis, to rid the veil of moonlight and embrace our vampiric sunrise deaths, we take to the sky's of 1970's Transylvania, in hopes of witnessing, with our microscopic pupils, the birth of a new blood moon rising...please go away now"
- Awesome Specter

This album is comprised of brand new material, and reprises. Abysmal Spectrum, Practice, Sentence, banged the gavel of pessimism, these songs are in their final forms, and have reached their full, fruitful, ripeness.

Abysmal Specter: Vocals, Synths, Mixing & Mastering
Sentancer: Guitar, Mandolin on " Shepard Of The Rats"
Practitioner: Drums
Art by: Dylan Anderson
Vocals on "Turpitudinous Decree From The Haunted Phone": Júlia Varandas

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