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[SOLD OUT] OLD NICK "Forest of Grief" Cassette Tape (w/ Obi)

[SOLD OUT] OLD NICK "Forest of Grief" Cassette Tape (w/ Obi)

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Raw black metal with dungeon synth elements. buzzing guitars with ghastly synthesizer assault. hauntingly medieval with a wiccan charm.

“Did Nick at any time refer to some person (real or mythic) or does the name go back to Engl. nicker “a water sprite”? In Old English, nicor was a sea monster, and Beowulf met many of them while swimming through the ocean. However, nicker is a word only folklorists today recognize easily, whereas Old Nick is still familiar to many. Some people even think that nickname (from an eke name “additional name”; eke as in eke out one’s salary, related to German auch “also” and so forth) is really Nick name, given intentionally to hoodwink the Devil: confused by a wrong name, the one not given at birth, the Devil will not fetch his victim. More than one etymologist suspected that Old Nick “nicks” (kills) people, that is, cuts them; leaves a notch in them; has something to do with their necks, or taunts them (compare German necken “tease”).”

The author further goes on to postulate that perhaps it comes from “Old Iniquity, the name of the devil in medieval plays.”

Artwork by: artem_astaroth
practitioner: drums
sentancer: guitar
abysmal specter: vocals
all songs written by abysmal specter
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