ORC "Into The Heart Of Tyranny" Pro-Tape
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ORC "Into The Heart Of Tyranny" Pro-Tape

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Going back in time for this one, as this release offers two albums of exquisite medieval fantasy music recorded by Orc from Australia in 2001-2003. With a strong focus on atmosphere and rhythm, his work was influenced by the neoclassical movement in industrial music. However, he also added his own lush melodies and fantasy moods - making this playful adventurous music with serious undertones, and easily identifiable as what is today known as dungeon synth.

Although forgotten about on today's scene, the early Orc material was successfully distributed through the vanished mp3 blog network. It was also released physically through a print-on-demand CDr service, making the exact number of copies in existence unknown.

Import from Denmark, sold out from the label. Limited to 70.

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