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[SOLD OUT] PÉNOMBRE "Grande Flamme" CD (Lim. 50)

[SOLD OUT] PÉNOMBRE "Grande Flamme" CD (Lim. 50)

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Import from Quebec. Pro duplicated CD-R. Jewel case w/ booklet. Limited to 50.

For two years the Quebec trio Pénombre has been in pursuit of the essence of black metal. They traveled from top to bottom in the depths of their thoughts, explored new sonic avenues as well as digging into the roots of their country.

With theological themes overexploited in the metal scene, 'Grande Flamme' is a narration of human failings, the power that moves nations or the weight that can leave them stagnant. Inspired by the romantic artistic/literary movement, psychology, sovereignty and Quebec identity, their first long game exudes a traditional black metal sound but also unique to them.

Paying homage to Quebec culture with a poem by Émile Nelligan on the song 'Coeurs Blasés', they sealed the band's identity, leaving behind the old vision of Pénombre.

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