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[SOLD OUT] PIYAKDU "Demo VI" cassette tape (Lim.25)

[SOLD OUT] PIYAKDU "Demo VI" cassette tape (Lim.25)

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Limit 1 per person. Printed into Ivory Wove paper and new Maxell Tapes x25.

Coming from the quaint Shimla town in the Western Himalayas, Baanh and Baba Mithrandir bids you a hearty welcome to their jolly world of Dungeon/Comfy Synth. 

The Naeku story continues after a bit of a break, experimenting with some newer textures and sounds.

"The hazy and cozy atmosphere welcome you in like a hug from a friend. This release contains so many diverse elements that are weaved together beautifully by baba Mithrandir. A sense of cold open space is then contained within a bubble of fuzzy keyboard tones that melt my heart and warm my soul." - old_toby

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