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[SOLD OUT] POPPET "Compilation" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] POPPET "Compilation" Cassette Tape

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A selection of tracks from Poppet's prolific discography:

Tracklist (song-album):
1A. Let the Whispers of Night Carry you to Solemn Lands - Carnival of Contemplative Chaos
2A. War Towers - Carnival of Contemplative Chaos
3A. Ashen Wayfarer - Infernally, I Wander
4A. Ecclesiastal Grove - Marching Towards the Ancient Zone
5A. Runic Mastery of Self-Purification - Marching Towards the Ancient Zone
6A. The Book of Habbakuk 2: The Revenge - Siege Engines ov Carcosa
7B. Liberate Me - ֆօռɢֆ օʄ ʀɨȶʊǟʟ ֆǟƈʀɨʄɨƈɛ
8B. The Gates of Gilgul haNephesh - Signs of the Heart
9B. Pilgrimage to the Tomb of the Master Supreme - Signs of the Heart
10B. The Howls of Gallician Wastelands - Signs of the Heart
11B. Scream of those Unheard - To Break the Cycles Obscene
12B. The Infernal Braying, it Never Ceases - To Break the Cycles Obscene

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