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[SOLD OUT] SILENT GARDEN "Demos II & III" cassette tape (lim.50)

[SOLD OUT] SILENT GARDEN "Demos II & III" cassette tape (lim.50)

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Import from UK. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies. 

It is the night of new year's eve. I am writing this from my favourite chair in the great hall. My lady has retired to her chambers. My most trusted soldier will meet me by the stables at a quarter to midnight. Tonight we will visit the Silent Garden.

Will you step away from the pathway? What treasures lie hidden under those valleys, behind those old greenwoods? Sometimes, sat warm by the hearth in my chambers, I forget that nature is so lawless and tangled. The guards are restless, they see strange creatures on the hills & hear their gentle singing at night. Curious affairs have been afoot ever since I returned to the keep. The ferns have grown wilder, the river has broken its bank. Even the trees feel somehow older, more ancient as their branches reach towards the stained glass & brush the windows.

Just yesterday afternoon, as we foraged for mushrooms, my council and I were alarmed by a bustle in the hedgerow. Approaching the scene we noticed a small, intricate circle of beautiful rose flowers around a standing stone, quite intact and unspoiled. We found a knapsack, various esoteric looking tomes written in some arcane language, and the remnants of a campsite. What disturbed us wasn't solely the fact that someone had spent time here unobserved so close to our walls, but it was the mystery of the stone itself. That week I spent the days and nights reading in the luxury of my grand library and, assisted by the scholars, I struggled to find any trace of record for the menhir. My lady is distracted and worries for my health, she has convinced me to promise that I will spend more time at home. However, last night when I was riding with the huntsman and his hounds, we found ourselves in the meadow adjacent to the pasture which contains our stone. I was drawn to a glowing lantern. It was then, cutting back a redbud thicket that we discovered an old garden gate. I saw words engraved into a willow shield mounted above the rusting metal, and by the light of the silver moon I read: "That which is everything has goat’s feet and a tail!".


Cosmic Ocean presents a newly curated cassette featuring 'Demo II' & 'Demo III', originally released digitally in 2022 by the mysterious Silent Garden.

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