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[SOLD OUT] SIVYJ YAR "Golden Threads" CD (digipak, lim.300) [Сивый Яр]

[SOLD OUT] SIVYJ YAR "Golden Threads" CD (digipak, lim.300) [Сивый Яр]

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Import from Italy. Digipak with 12 pages booklet - One only press (300 copies) for this special release will be made.

Definitely the most unusual release in the whole Sivyj Yar’s discography with Novgorod gusli being the main instrument. The artist defines this album as 'neo-medieval nocturnes' and dedicates it to Yuri Mirolyubov (1892-1970), the discoverer (well, most likely, the Author) of the mysterious 'Book of Veles', literally the main influence on the Eastern European paganism revival.

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