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VANDALORUM "Maewyn" Vinyl LP (lim. 125)

VANDALORUM "Maewyn" Vinyl LP (lim. 125)

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ONE COPY PER PERSON. White vinyl edition limited to 75 copies.

Vandalorum emerged onto the dungeon synth scene in 2017, hailing from the vibrant city of San Diego. Departing from conventional dungeon synth norms, his sonic tapestries are characterized by the fusion of minimalistic beats and acoustic nuances, layered atop droning modal synth chords and haunting melodies.

The magnum opus of Vandalorum, "Maewyn," delves into the enigmatic saga of St. Patrick. Across the album's expanse, Vandalorum seamlessly navigates between the life of the saint and the ancient legends of pagan Ireland, immersing the listener in a rich tapestry of spiritual warfare and folklore. Each track serves as a chapter in this narrative odyssey, marked by stylistic shifts in composition, rhythm, and instrumentation. Featuring esteemed collaborators such as the virtuosic Ramon Lomas and the venerable Taur Nu Fuin, "Maewyn" promises an enthralling and immersive voyage through the mystical landscapes of the Emerald Isle.

Released as a colored 12" vinyl in a reverse board printed sleeve with inside printing. Available on white vinyl (75 copies pressed) and clear with black smoke vinyl (50 copies pressed).

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