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[SOLD OUT] VERDANT "The Hidden Garden" Cassette Tape

[SOLD OUT] VERDANT "The Hidden Garden" Cassette Tape

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Limited to 100. 1 copy per person only.

We are immensely proud to welcome Verdant, a friend of ours at the glade and indeed a perfect collaboration with us. Verdant crafts magical and minimalistic nature synth engulfed in sounds of birds and wind in the trees. Utilizing lofi textures, nostalgic synth sounds, and meditative white noise, Verdant brings us to a place of mystery, a place of magic--to the Hidden Garden. Here we may wander around, smell the flowers, hear the birds. This is a beautiful album--perhaps one which may serve as a backdrop to your own autumnal wanderings, or, if you are willing, your daydreams. As we leave warmer days and polar winds approach, we hope this album might pepper some beauty and tranquility into your world... Welcome the forthcoming brisk days with Verdant’s “The Hidden Garden”.

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