[SOLD OUT] WARLORDS, WARLOCKS & WITCHES Anthology [Paperback book]
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[SOLD OUT] WARLORDS, WARLOCKS & WITCHES Anthology [Paperback book]

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Are you ready to take a break from thousand-page fantasy novels with casts of millions and generations-spanning story arcs? Looking for something more direct and action-packed? Warlords, Warlocks & Witches is just what you need.

Witness bold heroes and heroines do battle with insane cultists and monstrous blood-drinkers! Be chilled by spirits and horrors from other worlds! Find amazement in witchcraft both foul and benign!

Warlords, Warlocks & Witches contains eight fast-paced tales of swords and sorcery that pull no punches. Authors featured include David C. Smith (Red Sonja, Oron) and Geoff Blackwell (Swords of Steel).

Stories included:
“Razorspike Spindle” by Mark Taverna
“Winter of the Witch” by Clint Staples
“Honour Served” by Henry Ram
“Twin Scars” by David C. Smith
“The Thing in the Field” by Harry Piper
“Shamaness” by Geoff Blackwell
“The Brides of Bmapth” by Spencer E. Hart
“The Glory of Ravens” by Paul Batteiger