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[SOLD OUT] WITH THE END IN MIND "Tides of Fire" CD [Digipak]

[SOLD OUT] WITH THE END IN MIND "Tides of Fire" CD [Digipak]

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Digipak with gold hot foil stamping. Import from Italy.

Tides Of Fire - A charred elegy for a world careening off of the precipice. Seeds of song sifted from the ashes of smoldering landscapes, as vast swathes of the West Coast of North America burned. An exploration of internal and external purging; all the suffering, fear, and anxiety that the titanic forces of Nature exert over our lives, and the hidden light that is found within when it seems that all is lost. A journey of death, renewal and the resilience of the human Spirit.

"Listening to this offering is like stepping out of the night’s shadows into the firelight, glancing from face to face of other fierce eyes, human and animal, emerging from the trees. We crawl over rubble toward the welcoming light of other hearts, unsure of what will happen but feeling brave enough to reach for connection. With the End in Mind have stepped forth from their arcane discipline once again, sharing this space with us and offering a name of truth around which we gather. We are invited to face the apocalyptic fires that are not coming but have already arrived. What now?

The spirit resonating through Tides of Fire is one I have been searching for so often these days. When there is so much to fight for and much to grieve, I turn to such art for taking me to that innermost place where the deepest feelings can speak more clearly. This timely record’s urgent prophetic vision is a story of and for our times, traversing unreckoned pasts and unimagined futures. The desires left behind in what we’ve done to ourselves and to the earth call out to be heard again, and in such an unfeeling world, it is songs like these that open for us a path to reconnection. Woven with melancholic and pensive interludes between heady confrontations with raw emotion, Tides of Fire is an imagination gathered by those who’ve walked the land with intention and listened for the teachings it has to share. With the End in Mind have laid down something revelatory here."

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