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[SOLD OUT] FIENDISH IMP "Fiendish Imp / All Hallows Eve" Vinyl LP

[SOLD OUT] FIENDISH IMP "Fiendish Imp / All Hallows Eve" Vinyl LP

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Lo-Fi and handcrafted as it is, the music of FIENDISH IMP tells a little story of ancient superstition, fearful ignorance and wily wickedness... Creepy, catchy and haunting - a unique and dark synth journey. This minimal, mysterious and haunting Dungeon Synth somewhere out of the depths of the UK captures you with its unique and impressive atmosphere...  Take yourself a breath, close your eyes and dive deep to the other, mysterious side with this great gem of Lo-Fi Dungeon Synth.

Includes both the 's/t' and "All Hallows Eve" demos on one LP - limited to 200 copies only! 180g (Heavy Vinyl), 300gsm Cover, Insert + Black Inner sleeve + Poster in A2 format.

Dunkelheit Productions, import from Germany.

*Please Note: These LPs have traveled many, many miles to reach our shores and the covers may have a few minor bumps on arrival.*

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