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[SOLD OUT] DWARROWDELF "Evenstar" vinyl LP (color, lim.177)

[SOLD OUT] DWARROWDELF "Evenstar" vinyl LP (color, lim.177)

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Import from Germany. Limited to 177 copies on mint green vinyl with insert. The vinyl version comes with an exclusive bonus track that is not available on any other physical release.

Dwarrowdelf is a solo-project from the UK. It first made waves in the Atmospheric Black Metal world in 2018, with debut full-length “The Sons of Fëanor”, released to critical acclaim. A follow-up, “Of Dying Lights” was released in 2019, and saw the project start to move away from the Summoning-inspired sound of the debut, incorporating only sung vocals.

"Evenstar" is the third full-length album from Dwarrowdelf and their most unique offering to date, also using live (session) drums for the first time. Following the journey of Aragorn and his quest to earn Arwen's hand in marriage, this record sees Dwarrowdelf incorporating wider Melodeath and Folk Metal influences into their particular brand of Atmospheric Metal to create a truly unique musical journey.

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