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[SOLD OUT] FALLS OF RAUROS "Believe in No Coming Shore" CD

[SOLD OUT] FALLS OF RAUROS "Believe in No Coming Shore" CD

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"Quite possibly my favourite black metal album of 2014. Falls of Rauros really stepped up their game to create this beautifully infused amalgam of folk, post-rock and rousing black metal. If that lead melody in Ancestors of Shadow and it's glorious return in Ancestors of Smoke doesn't enchant you then, I am afraid, you may not be human after all." - Joecriv

"The music is beautiful, and the emotions expressed range through melancholy, righteous anger, hope, fear, triumph, and all the other feelings that we don't necessarily have words for. The best kind of music fits into those wordless spaces and let us feel those things that we'd otherwise be unsure of what to do with, and Falls of Rauros certainly makes the best kind of music."

Bindrune/Nordvis labels. Digipack CD with booklet, sealed copies.

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