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Horrendous sophomore release, Ecdysis, sees the band expand upon their sound while upping the song writing and musicianship. Ten songs, 42 minutes.

Ecdysis may be a tough egg to crack for those of you more suited to pop structured death metal, but this album unveils so much musical and metal maturity, its damn near impossible not to be impressed and even a bit blown away by the high brow hammering awaiting you. Great production. Crushing vocals. Headbanging death riffs that harken back to death metal's formative and meaningful years. Fuck yes. -Worm Gear Zine

Born in the fires of classic death metal (we're specifically thinking Dismember's Like an Ever Flowing Stream) but energized with youthful enthusiasm, Horrendous take the New Wave of Old-School Death Metal back from pretenders and never-weres. -Decibel Magazine

Dynamic, yet still heavy music with some melodic objections. At some points dark, at others chaotic and wild. Ecdysis really amazes me. -Metal Storm