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[SOLD OUT] KAKOFONIUM "Krucjata Dziecięca" Cassette Tape (Lim. 100)

[SOLD OUT] KAKOFONIUM "Krucjata Dziecięca" Cassette Tape (Lim. 100)

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Limited to 100. 1 copy per person only.

This music is truly psychotic and otherworldly… from their bandcamp “Kakofonium is a pre-temporal mythical television program watched by the gods. Before the madness of Polythene, Cybertemplars served the Holy Noise as Bringers of Order. The program had to go as planned. History must have happened as the gods had invented it. The Rebellion of Polythene changed everything. Now the Cybertemplar are traversing the wired nebula of events in preparation for the Final Crusade. Their anthem is a series of cyberblasts, and they are defended by the Doomslayer stolen from the gods. In songs, hatred for those who destroy their faith. Words of comfort in the throats of the innocent. The Cybertemplarians, seeing the entire possible history of music that could ever arise, decided that only black metal could fully express the anger of their living bowels.”

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