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[SOLD OUT] MAIDEN HAIR "Trewanmead" Vinyl LP (Lim. 220)

[SOLD OUT] MAIDEN HAIR "Trewanmead" Vinyl LP (Lim. 220)

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Import from UK. 140g vinyl, edition of 220. Includes double sided insert.

The residents of Trewanmead, hand in hand each year, devoutly celebrate their annual Wedding Fete: the great marriage of the Minstrel Tree and the Meadow. However, in 1979, Richard Cleary and Adder Group leader Edda Birch perform an ancient ritual, setting fire to the oak tree. As the flames burn, the smoke rises - forming a great, thunderous and black cloud. The soul of the Minstrel has finally returned, by fate in new form: The Terrible.

Crafted throughout the winter, MMXX/I using a Yamaha PSS-470 and PSR-290 in the cradle of beautiful England. Album art work by Avian White. Vinyl layout by Death Kvlt Productions. All songs produced by Maiden Hair ov England.

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