[SOLD OUT] NECROADONIA "Murder Wasteland" cassette tape
Atrocity Altar

[SOLD OUT] NECROADONIA "Murder Wasteland" cassette tape

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IMPORT FROM AUSTRALIA. MAX 1 COPY PER PERSON. Printed on Gold metallic paper. USBM.

The return by this solo project of a member of Macabre Polytheism, after 2 years of innactivity.
Although with a slight more polished production, Necroadonia continues in this brand of lo-fi, throat-cutting Raw Black Metal, with excellent murderous riffage in a similar vein to some Perverse Homage acts like Kudlaakh or Voyeur's Blood, and similarly mixing themes of eroticism and murderous frenzy.
This time very successfully adding keyboards to the mix, creating really bizarre atmospheres and an almost Post-Punkish/Kellersynth outro song.
Released on cassette via the excellent Atrocity Altar."
-Rites of Pestilence