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[SOLD OUT] OLD NICK "Iam Vampire Castle" CD (Lim. 200)

[SOLD OUT] OLD NICK "Iam Vampire Castle" CD (Lim. 200)

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Professional pressed from a glass master, limited to 200.

released August 6, 2021
Abysmal Specter: Vocals, Synths, Melodica, Piano, Mixing & Mastering
Sentancer: Guitar,
Nylon String Guitar & Xylophone on "Iam Vampire Castle"
Practitioner: Drums
Art: Aghy Purakusuma
Opera Vocals on "Iam Vampire Castle": Alejandro Luévanos
Sitar on "Ceaseless Spiral Staircase": Asmita Vijay Virkar
"February, 1692" written by Void Ooze

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