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ORCUS "Heroes of the Last Glare" Cassette Tape (UV printed)

ORCUS "Heroes of the Last Glare" Cassette Tape (UV printed)

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Import from Italy. Professionally dubbed White cassette + insert w/ full color tape print.

"Ten adventurers searched for the Temple of Crystalline Joy, which exists somewhere in the perpetually snow-covered Valley of the Eternal Dream. None of them found it, but in their quest, they performed brave deeds that become legends. They are... the Heroes of the Last Glare."


He had charmed us with the long track called "the Pyramid" included in HDK Dungeon-Synth Magazine #3, now Orcus is back to HDK with an exciting, hypnotic, amazing full length: a timeless synth-music spell!

Each song is a miniature heroic-fantasy novel that leads the imagination to a story of heroism, love and blood. Let yourself be enchanted by "Heroes of the Last Glare": for us, already a dungeon-synth classic!

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