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[SOLD OUT] RINGBEARER " Ghost Of The Father" CD (Lim. 100) [Digipak]

[SOLD OUT] RINGBEARER " Ghost Of The Father" CD (Lim. 100) [Digipak]

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4 panel digipak limited to 100...
Note: This is a 'pro CDr", meaning that all the presentation is the same as you would expect in any retail CD release, but the disc itself has been duplicated (burned), not replicated from a master.

Ringbearer’s “Ghost of the Father” is a testament to the enormous production possibilities in dungeon synth music. This album is not only beautiful, forlorn, and epic–as promised by the artist–but also skillfully produced and replete with layer after layer of moving instrumentation and gigantic melodies. Ghost of the Father is an homage to Tolkien in the true spirit of epic fantasy. This music is as impeccable as it is (literally) made for reading Tolkien. Listening to it reminds us that dungeon synth music can be enormous and epic, creating worlds and atmospheres solely through sound. “Ghost of the Father” is soundtrack-quality-good. So good, in fact, it is the first time Ancient Meadow opted to produce a compact disc instead of the typical cassette. This music deserves regular rotation in a car CD player.

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