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[SOLD OUT] SINIRA "The Everlorn" Vinyl 2xLP (color, lim. 333)

[SOLD OUT] SINIRA "The Everlorn" Vinyl 2xLP (color, lim. 333)

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Import from Germany. Gatefold, with printed innersleeves, A2 poster and sticker. 333x gold vinyl. Includes the "Dawnless Twilight" EP as vinyl bonus tracks.

Sinira is a one-man project lead by Knell, hailing from Nacogdoches, Texas. Characterized by soaring melodies, sunken and sorrowful vocals, and whirlwind invoking tempos, Sinira's debut album "The Everlorn" is a homage and tribute to the Swedish titans who reigned proud and whose flames still burn bright. Highly Recommended!

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