[SOLD OUT] TORCHLIGHT "Haunting Dreams for the Dying King" CD
Dark Age Productions

[SOLD OUT] TORCHLIGHT "Haunting Dreams for the Dying King" CD

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The latest full length album from Italian dungeon synth project TORCHLIGHT.

This album was conceived as an idealistic journey in the dreams of a king in agony. Songs do not follow a logical plot but are result of thoughts, visions, affections and fears infected by the idea of coming death.

No book will remember theses oneiric pictures: the memory of ancient battles, the walks in the forests, the shining bell towers at twilight have turned black like the king’s eyes, forgotten.

Dark Age Productions label. Pro-printed digipak CD.

Note: This is a fully pro CD package, but the discs have been duplicated versus replicated, so technically the disc is a 'pro CD-r'.