[SOLD OUT] VOORMITHADRETH "The Quest of Iranon" (Lim. 100)
Ancient Meadow

[SOLD OUT] VOORMITHADRETH "The Quest of Iranon" (Lim. 100)

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Professionally duplicated and printed cassette tape inside a vinyl clamshell with full-color trapsheet and info insert. Highest Recommendation.

Now-legendary dark ambient/drone-leaning dungeon synth record by a very prolific figure in dark dungeon music, available now for the first time ever on physical media.

"Droning, hypnotic, analog ambient with mild Eastern influences, though there is surely nothing mild in these tracks. Chillingly laconic, it proves cosmic wonder-horror can dwell on micro-scale in claustrophobic minimalism and less is indeed more. Irresistible and devastating." -M.