[SOLD OUT] XASTHUR "Ominous Fates" Vinyl LP (Color, Gatefold, lim.200)
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[SOLD OUT] XASTHUR "Ominous Fates" Vinyl LP (Color, Gatefold, lim.200)

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Import from Germany. Gatefold LP (180g, smoke color vinyl) incl.padded inner sleeve and protection sleeve

"Ominous Fates" contains XASTHUR's four songs from the legendary 2004-split "Xasthur/Leviathan" and three rare tracks from the archive as an added bonus. Today, the split is considered a milestone of US black metal, while this raw, sinister, and depressing material still embodies the essence of the band. XASTHUR were originally created by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Scott Conner in California, USA in the year 1995. Setting out as a bleak black metal project in the wake of the Scandinavian second wave, XASTHUR cemented their reputation as pioneers and spearheads of USBM over the course of nine albums, a host of split-singles, EPs, and occasional demos. 


01. The Eerie Bliss And Torture (Of Solitude)

02. Keeper Of Sharpened Blades (And Ominous Fates)

03. Conjuration Of Terror

04. Instrumental (Drums-Wrest)

05. Achieve Emptiness (Bonus Trk)

06. Telepathic With The Deceased (Rehearsal 11/04)

07. Palace Of Frost (Katatonia Cover)