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COMFY WIZARD "Wizards, Gnomes, Elves & Tombs" vinyl LP (w/ OBI)

COMFY WIZARD "Wizards, Gnomes, Elves & Tombs" vinyl LP (w/ OBI)

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The first full length by COMFY WIZARD & The Pipe Smoking Hobbit Band. A darker turn and tale of mystery about wizards, gnomes elves and tombs. Wonderfully excuted dungeon synth with a psychedelic, comfy vibes...

MADE ON 100% RECYCLED POST CONSUMER BLACK VINYL, in association with Full Court Vinyl.

• no compromises on the sound quality
• made from 100% recycled records (post-consumer)

“In a world that demands eco-conscious solutions, we’ve stepped up. In addition to virgin black granulate, we are the only company in Belgium to have developed black granulate that comes 100% from post consumer vinyl, ‘Rebound’, reducing our environmental footprint while maintaining the highest sound quality.”

All vinyls come with an OBI.

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