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HILLSFAR "Jewel of the Moonsea" Cassette Tape (3rd edition)

HILLSFAR "Jewel of the Moonsea" Cassette Tape (3rd edition)

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*3rd edition - 1 per person limit*
Limited to 100 copies with 4 panel j-card insert, clear box and 2 sided labels with black shell. Includes download card.

The realm of Hillsfar is overtaken by evil magick. Take refuge in the outlying forests in distant lands...

Rarely does an unknown demo move me enough to know that I *have* to release it, but this was definitely the case with HILLSFAR. Absolutely one of the best debuts in recent memories, Hillsfar has crafted nothing short of a master work that only gets better with repeated listenings and is sure to not leave your tape deck for a while...

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