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OUBLIETH "Uren Vell" Cassette Tape (lim.200)

OUBLIETH "Uren Vell" Cassette Tape (lim.200)

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Edition of 200 copies, 5 panel j-card in norelco box, with DL card included.

Oh traveler, hear the songs of these lands so long forgotten.

Behind the opaque veil of the deep forests that border the Kingdom of Mornelance lies the valley of Uren Vell, buried deep within azure precipices and constantly drowned in the darkness of a dark and ancient swamp.

And it was said that one night, comets coming from the emptiness between the stars fell into the valley. From within came mighty Lords of indescribable form. Baptized Star-Born, some traveled far beyond the mountains, others ended up hiding in deep catacombs and forgotten towers. From such a cosmic crystal was born Aeliana of the Dark Sky.

And with Her, the curse from the stars, which covered the forests with a magical veil from which rain flowed perpetually and brought eternal life to all creatures but made their souls empty and their appearance abject.

The Kingdom of Uren Vell, subject to the curse, fell.

The whispers of streams and quagmires tell that deep in the swamp stands the Fortress of Ternebois. Once home to the Order of the Golden Moon, and within its depths still reigns Aeliana...  



Composé, enregistré et performé par Moribond entre l'été 2022 et l’hiver 2023

Matriçage par Liam Kriz

Couverture par Stephen Fabian



Moog Matriarch, Sequential OB-6, Behringer

Model D, Roland JD-08, Arturia Minifreak,

Waldorf Streichfett, Yamaha Reface CP


Oublieth ne fait usage que de synthétiseurs matériels  

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