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Please use the dropdown menu to add the applicable amount of insurance requested to your order. PLEASE READ THE FULL TERMS BELOW. 

Coverage includes:

  • Loss of package / Package not delivered ("Lost")
  • Theft of package 
  • Major package damage sustained in transit (e.g., item is broken in half or severely mangled). 
  • Not Covered: Minor/slight corner bumps on LPs or crack jewel case on CD which occurred in transit are not eligible for a claim.
  • Not Covered: Items returned to us due to address issues or mis-typed addresses are not eligible for a claim (please triple check your shipping address is accurate at checkout - including relevant info such as zip code, apartment number, or any door access code required)
  • Each claim is processed on a case by case basis and certain exclusions may apply based on your specific situation / circumstances. 

***Pay special attention to the following coverage exclusions and conditions***

In case of loss or damage to the covered package the following must be completed:
a) The recipient will file immediate notice of non-delivery, damage, and/or theft with us ASAP within 5 days
b) The recipient will provide all relevant photos/proof of damage as we request, otherwise claim may be forfeited.
c) The recipient will take proper exceptions on the delivery receipt when any loss or damage is apparent at the time of delivery.
d) Insurance cannot be added to any orders after your shipping label has been generated. It must be added to your order at checkout.


PLEASE NOTE: UPS/DHL/Priority Mail do include $100 of insurance by default. You can add additional insurance over this amount here (select the $100 tier and it will add on to the default of $100 to give you $200 of total coverage).

Orders over $100 which select the domestic "Flat Rate" option will ship at the least expensive option to us, which may not include order insurance by default. As such you will want to add Insurance to your order if you are concerned with any potential issues in transit.

If you do not purchase Order Insurance and your package is lost/stolen/broken, we will be unable to assist you - any un-insured packages (especially those sent by "Economy Class" Media Mail) are sent to you at your own risk.


Coverage provided by this certificate covers a package from all risks of physical loss or damage from an external cause (subject to exclusions) while in transit. Any package that is covered by this Certificate will be shipped in strict accordance with all regulations of the Carrier. Shipments originate from the United States of America either by USPS, DHL or UPS depending on which service you select at checkout.

If you have any questions about these policies please contact us.

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