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Hailing from Finland, the one-man ANVIL STRKEZ is a deep, densely layered study in retro futurism, equally inspired by '80s dystopian landscapes and Aviator-shaded sunsets. Although employing many of the same blips 'n' bleeps of those currently riding the synthwave bandwagon, Anvil Strykez encompasses a far wider palette of sonic possibility. Each colorfully titled song (among them: "Neon Streets," "Night Blades," "High Speed Cyborgs," "Voyager and the Birth of Time") paints a perfect portrait of its subject, and each one is uniquely distinct in its aims. Tempos can speed through the night like an 8-bit excite bike or languor like fog on a suspiciously quiet downtown dock; textures mostly twist through stained-glass synth instrumentation, but vocals and even dramatic narration can come into play, advancing the musical narrative; and despite its synthetic composition, the entirety of the album is full-bodied and driving whilst rendered in the most Technicolor tones. At seven songs in 43 minutes, ANVIL STRYKEZ' first strike creates a world unto itself, and one that invites repeated exploration and out-of-body mainlining.

Highly recommended for fans of synthwave kings Perturbator, Kavinsky, Carpenter Brut, and GosT to cinematic countrymen Nightsatan, College, Cliff Martinez (Drive and The Neon Demon), and the master himself, John Carpenter. Now, behold a new name to add to this hallowed company: ANVIL STRYKEZ!

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