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[SOLD OUT] ILDRA "Da Bisena (2004 - 2008)" 2xCD

[SOLD OUT] ILDRA "Da Bisena (2004 - 2008)" 2xCD

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"Ða bisena", or "The demos", is a double disc compilation featuring all three Ildra demos plus unreleased tracks. 19 tracks of classic pagan black metal, spanning over 100 minutes of playing time.

The material here ranges from raw and primitive black metal, folkish interludes and majestic Anglo-Saxon war hymns.

The two discs are accompanied by a 16-page booklet including most original lyrics as well as their modern English translations. A lot of work went into preparing and producing this mammoth double disc title, the audio mastering using the original mixes, the layout, modern translation of the lyrics, etc, to make this a worthy overview of the early days and first outputs of the band, leading up to the "Eðelland" album, which has become nothing short of a classic release by now.

Heiden's Hart label, import from the Netherlands. Two discs, over 100 minutes of classic pagan black metal from the UK. Comes with 16 page booklet.

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