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[SOLD OUT] NEST "Woodsmoke" Cassette Tape (lim.150) *SHIPS END OF MARCH*

[SOLD OUT] NEST "Woodsmoke" Cassette Tape (lim.150) *SHIPS END OF MARCH*

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Import from Denmark. Limited to 150 numbered pro tapes. LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER.

Atmospheric dark folk and synth music from Finland centered around the serene acoustic melancholy sounds of the kantele - a wooden psaltery invented some time in early medieval times. Or as described in the Kalevala: The mage Väinämöinen made the first kantele, and the music it made drew all the creatures of the forest near to wonder at its beauty.

'Woodsmoke' was the debut full-length of the unique folk music project Nest, which has been active since the late 90s. While it shares some commonalities with other neoclassical darkwave, dark folk and neofolk projects of the time, it also sets itself apart by reducing vocals to occasional whispered poems in favour of immersive nature-oriented electronic productions that accompany minimal traditionalist compositions. Nest remains active as a live project, and headlined the Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXXIII festival.

This release is the follow up to 'Fabled Lore & Hidden Stream' (GON112). It brings 'Woodsmoke' out on tape for the first time, and includes lyrics and drawings made by the artist to accompany the music. It also contains the Nest cover versions of Skepticism's The Gallant Crow and Agalloch's Haunted Birds adding up to +24 mins of bonus material.

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