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[SOLD OUT] V/A "A Book of Famous Explorers" 8-Tape Box Set

[SOLD OUT] V/A "A Book of Famous Explorers" 8-Tape Box Set

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Semi-private release originally made exclusively for Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXX in Spring 2020. Limited to 35 copies only and mostly given away to close contacts.

8 individual cassettes come packaged in an old school audiobook big box which opens to hold 4 tapes on each side. Included with the box is each individual j-card for the cassettes, packed inside a hand addressed envelope, dedicated to its owner personally. 

Includes the following cassettes from our back catalogue:

EMYN MUIL 'Elenion Ancalima' - silver shell

FROSTVEIL 'Antediluvian Majesty' - smoke shell

BARAK TOR 'Regal Hymns of Blood' - blue tint shell

BARAK TOR 'March of the Triumphator' - black shell

THANGORODRIM 'Taur nu Fuin' - green shell

DWALIN 'The Red Book' - white shell

SEQUESTERED KEEP 'The Vale of Ruined Towers' - white shell

CAORANACH 'Doigh Nadair' - clear shell

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