In honour of our 5th...

In honour of our 5th year of existence, we have a very special drop of releases lined up, and for the first time ever - ERANG on vinyl! Full details below: <> ERANG "Imagination Never Fails" LP w/ A3 poster (color vinyl, lim. 300) ERANG "Another World Another Time" LP w/ A3 poster (color vinyl, lim. 300) ERANG "Anti Future" LP (color vinyl, lim. 300) <> ERANG "Another World Another Time" MC (lim. 300) ERANG "Imagination Never Fails" MC (lim. 300) ERANG "Anti Future" MC (lim. 300) EMYN MUIL "Afar Angathfark" Deluxe MC w/ big foldout insert, 2 stickers + full colour tape shell printing (lim. 300) FOGLORD "Winter Dreams" Deluxe MC w/ silver foil slipcase (lim. 300) FOGLORD "Tales from the Woods" MC (lim. 250) <> ERANG set of 12 collector's trading cards in 80s style wax pax ERANG shirts ERANG patches (2 designs) EMYN MUIL gold metal enamel pin OUT OF SEASON emboridered beanie winter hat (3 color styles) OUT OF SEASON enamel pins <> ERANG vinyl bundle (includes free set of Erang trading cards!) ERANG cassettes bundle (includes 2 free Erang patches!) FOGLORD+EMYN MUIL cassettes bundle (includes free Emyn Muil enamel pin!) <> We ship worldwide from either USA or Poland. All items will be available in both locations for fast and low cost shipping! ( <> MONDAY MARCH 1, 2021, starting at 12:00PM (noon) EST <> All items are to be considered a pre-order and will ship as soon as possible during the next ~8-10 weeks approximately. Your order will not ship until all the items in your order are ready. All visuals you see here are computer mockups and the final products may vary slightly. . . . #outofseasonlabel #outofseason #erang #emynmuil #foglord #5thanniversary #dungeonsynth #blackmetal #winterambient #ambientmusic #dungeonsynthvinyl #dungeonsynthtapes #blackmetaltapes #cassettes #vinyl #vinylrecords #vinyligclub @emyn_muil_official @kingdom_of_erang @chylde.o.lyght

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