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[SOLD OUT] HEDGE WIZARD "More True Than Time Thought" CD

[SOLD OUT] HEDGE WIZARD "More True Than Time Thought" CD

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Originally self-released on cassette in 2014, Foreign Sounds brings you the mysterious/lo-fi dungeon synth masterpiece "More True Than Time Thought" by Ohio-based Hedge Wizard. This reissue includes expanded artwork and 3 bonus tracks.

"Hedge Wizard’s music is 100% pure Dungeon Synth in it’s most raw form. Vintage synthesizer timbres play dark, nostalgic melodies with a great variety of instruments and sounds." -Barbarian Skull Webzine-

Foreign Sounds label. CD digipak in a limited edition of only 100 hand-numbered copies.
Note: This is a fully pro CD package, but the discs have been duplicated versus replicated, so technically the disc is a 'pro CD-r'.

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